We live in changing times.

People are increasingly drawn to products of Big Business: fast food, fast fashion and fast service, and our lives have become filled with short-lived, homogenized items due to their cheap cost and convenience. We are almost afraid to slow down and breathe and appreciate.

Additionally, driven by Greek-Hellenistic standards of beauty, our society has come to seek false perfection: things that are unnaturally clean, symmetrical, fancy, geometric, and without blemish but ultimately soulless.

As a result, our connection to the Earth and our own raw human experiences is fading, resulting in the decimation of our forests, depletion of our resources, pollution of our skies, and fouling of our seas. It is rare to use unprocessed goods, recycled matter, and natural materials. It is uncommon to embrace the beauty that deepens with use and time. It is unconventional to create items that last.

At Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic, we believe it is of utmost importance for humanity to maintain our connection to the Earth through the arts. Thus, we dare to do what is rare these days. We dare to be uncommon. We dare to be unconventional.

Our goal is to share the beauty of the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic and in doing so, bring soul and consciousness back to humanity.